Dear Friends & Ministry Partners, it is to announced that the following staff have resigned from Pakistan Campus Crusade for Christ. Now they are doing their own work. Therefore we are not resposible for any of the act taken by these people. 

Staff Name Year
Mr. Iltamas Khokhar 2017
Mrs. Sara Sharjeel 2017
Mr. Sharjeel Shafqat 2017
Mrs. Nomi Nisar 2017
Mr. John Joseph Alam 2017
Mr. Anmol D.M 2017
Mr. Asif Minhas 2017
Mr. Asher Suliman 2016
Mr. Roy Adeel Kenneth 2016
Mrs. Huma Roy Adeel Kenneth 2016
Mr. Dilawar Bashir 2015
Mr. Lubna Dilawar 2015
Mr. Ejaz Masih 2014
Mrs. Saba Ejaz 2014
Mr. Qamar Zahoor 2014
Mr. Shakeel uz Zia 2014
Mrs. Elishba Shakeel 2014
Mr. Nasir Haroon 2013
Mrs. Riffiat Nasir 2013