Campus Crusade for Christ one of the dynamic Christian Movements of the twentieth (20th) century and enters the new millennium as a leading voice for evangelism in the world today. Campus Crusade always looked for new and relevant ways to share the good news of Jesus Christ with a world desperately needing to hear.

The story of Campus Crusade for Christ is the story of Bill and Vonette Bright, who in 1951 signed dedicating their lives to spreading the Gospel. But much more than that, it is the story of thousands who followed them in to the movement, of millions who partnered with them in ministry, of the the billions who have heard of Christ through the work of Campus Crusade and through partnerships with other ministries. What began with two people in 1951 has exploded into more than 191 Counties, over 25000 full-time staff members and more than 550,000 trained volunteers. Who will continue to proclaim Jesus Christ every day.

In 2000 Dr. Bill Bright announced his successor as president of Campus Crusade for Christ, Dr. Steve and Judy Douglass to Carry on the Vision.

Fifty years ago in 1959, Dr. Bill Bright very graciously commissioned to Mr. Kundan L. Massey to go to Pakistan to start the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. 1960 was the year, when a man of commitment Mr. Kundan Lall Massey got married with charming lady “Iqbal Chaudry” and this new couple introduced the most dynamic Christian Movements of Campus Crusade for Christ in Pakistan. It was first established in Sialkot and Lahore. It was also registered with Government. The first National Director of Pakistan Campus Crusade for Christ was Mr. Kundan L. Massey.

After thirteen years of partition of indo Pak, a man of evangelism entered in the country, Islamic Republic of Pakistan through the political tensed border after single entering visa for India, exit through political tensed border. Pakistan border official did not grant him a visa. Dr. Bright standing on “no man’s land” while it was a holiday and government offices were closed. The first National Director, Mr. Massey could manage to get permission to talk to Dr. Bright. Both the leaders decided to stay in pray and gave thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for bringing Dr. Bright for this situation. A man of fulfilling the Great Commission did not ask God for visa but just praise God.

After praying together Dr. Bright asked the police man for home number of top official and explained his dilemma to the official, who then spoke to the border police, instructing then to let Dr. Bright enter Pakistan. Dr. Bright was allowed to spend three days in Pakistan without ever being issued a visa! Isn’t it a great amazing miracle? 



1- Mr. Kundan lal Massey.
(1960 - 1970)

2- Mr. Elven Fiaz Gill
(1970 - 1976)

3- Prof. Daniel Bukhsh
(1979 - 1981)

4- Rev. Zahir ud din
(1982 - 2000)

5- Rev. Shahid Sabir
(2000 - 2003)

6- Rev. Karel Pattipielohy
(2003 - 2004)

7- Rev. Shahid Kamal
(2005 - 2011)

8- Rev. Imran Sarfaraz
(2012 - present)