Purpose: The purpose of The JESUS Film Project is to provide people of every nation with the opportunity to learn about Jesus in their own language through film.

The JESUS Film Project is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International, one of the world’s largest non-profit, interdenominational organizations, founded by Bill and Vonette Bright in 1951. Campus Crusade has more than 27,000 staff members and a ministry presence in 190 countries around the world. Campus Crusade is dedicated to showing people how to know and experience God's love and plan for their lives.

Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) is a network of 70 different Crusade organizations, with over 24,000 workers in more than 190 countries. Pak CCC has a mission to see that every person in the world has an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Christ at least once. One of their primary tools for fulfilling this mission is the JESUS film.

In the mid 1990s, the president of The JESUS Film Project found out, after meeting with Faith Comes by Hearing, that many of the people coming to Christ as a result of the film were illiterate. This made discipleship difficult, and he asked Faith Comes by Hearing to consider helping two rounds of test projects were completed to see if Faith Comes by Hearing could provide a successful follow-up system to the film. After 4,400 showings of the film in 10 countries and 26 languages, the results clearly showed that using the Audio Drama New Testament as a follow up to the JESUS film increases long-term commitment and discipleship, with new churches being planted.

The JESUS film is available in 1,030 languages. Time magazine reports that four billion people have seen the film. Currently, it is being used in 190 countries with about 200,000 showings every year. Their goal in partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing is for two million New Life listening groups to begin over the next 10 years. Pakistan Campus Crusade Christ has translated this film in 15 local languages as under following. Many hundred people are watching this film daily in their own language and knowing Jesus Christ as their savior and Lord.


Showing Jesus film through 16mm, videos and TV. Cable channels to hundreds of people every day. Twenty full-time JF Teams, four follow-up teams and partnership teams are working in the country. God has been blessing PAKCCC with equipment and needs like 16 mm projectors, video players, play pack projectors, generators and vehicles for Jesus film Ministry.


For last twenty five years the Jesus film has been translated and dubbed in several local languages for different people groups, as well as Jesus film in new version like children, women version (Magdalena), Urdu contextualized.



Those who are accepting Load Jesus Christ as their savior through evangelical meeting and Jesus Film Shows, our Correspondence School ( Agape Response Centers ) are doing follow-up by sending printed Bible Courses for their spiritual growth. At some places the same Jesus Film Teams are having their personal follow-up groups in their respective areas.


In the summer of this 50th year the Pakistan Campus Crusade for Christ started Vocational Centers for woman "Talitha Koum! Vocational Centers Projects" in two cities of Pakistan "Karachi BRIGHT VOCATIONAL CENTER and "Quetta" JAAN BAITI VOCATIONAL CENTER. Our desired outcome is to see the spiritual and social transform in the lives of confined young and middle age of ladies of our society.

Challenge: You are requested to be our partner in this project by your prayers, finances and suggestions.


  • Pray for translation of Jesus Film in more local languages.
  • Pray for more partnership with local churches.
  • Pray for more un-reached areas through Jesus Film Project.
  • Pray for financial support to meet ministry needs to glorify Jesus Christ in Pakistan.